provide the finest TPU film and nano membrane
for Human and the Environment.

TPU films

Printing on new premium material TPU with environmentally friendly technologies. Excellence in ASHER’s printing! ASHER can print diverse colors and patterns directly on TPU films using the best and most environmentally friendly technologies

ASHER can provide environment-friendly TPU(thermoplastic polyurethane) films and make them unique and more favorable for our customers by laminating and printing various designs, decorations, and logos on them in the way the customers want.

By directly printing the colors and the patterns on TPU films with innocuous inks, ASHER also makes its TPU films excellent in moisture-permeability, the protection against the wind, and waterproofness.

We at ASHER will make the continued improvement of the quality of our products to strive to give the best customer value.

ASHER can provide environment-friendly TPU(thermoplastic polyurethane) films.

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